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March 8, 2016

About PeerPilot

Screening and assessing applicants is a complex task that requires a significant amount of resources. While most potential employers rely on resumes for this task, a resume is typically a presentation of how a candidate would like to be perceived and may not be representative of the candidate’s actual skillset. Furthermore, a resume cannot possibly indicate how a candidate will perform in the environment and position applied for.PeerPilot offers an answer to this challenge via job-specific online case competitions, which allow the candidates to try out for the job in a team setting that provides an equal chance for every participant to demonstrate their skills and motivation.

The system

PeerPilot is a case competition SaaS platform that allows companies to screen and evaluate talent based on actual performance in a virtual business environment.

The service revolves around customized business cases and a dialogue-based collaboration process designed to solve realistic business challenges. The candidates will collaborate anonymously in teams and demonstrate their skills on equal terms, ensuring objectivity and consistency in the assessment process.

The PeerPilot system allows for the evaluation, ranking, and selection of candidates based on their actual performance and offers insights on professional impact in team work, motivation, collaborative skills, holistic thinking, and communication skills.

Efficient Hiring

The efficient PeerPilot assessment process can be used for evaluating small groups of candidates for specialist positions or for mass recruiting (e.g., for graduate programs) and takes place in real time. The candidates are evaluated during the process, and potential employers will receive data-driven, in-depth insights into each candidate’s performance under consistent conditions.

PeerPilot analytics help employers identify the right candidate for the position. Although the PeerPilot scores provide an instant evaluation of the candidate’s performance, the scores are indicative for the candidate and will be a valuable contribution to an employer’s talent management system.

PeerPilot case competitions accomplish the following:

Facilitate the automated evaluation and ranking of candidates
Decrease time-of-hire while increasing quality-of-hire
Ensure diversity and consistency in the recruitment process
Observe candidate performance in an actual company context
Identify performance and passion in a gamified environment

Solution development

In addition to candidate assessment, PeerPilot delivers a number of ideas and solutions to the actual business case. This feature is of great importance to some of our clients.

PeerPilot thus has a secondary purpose as an innovation-driven collaboration platform that facilitates workshops and allows distributed or mobile teams to collaborate asymmetrically. The solutions generated will be collected by the team leader, who will then be able to aggregate input and evaluate the various outcomes.

Contact Us

PeerPilot is a case competition platform that allows companies to screen and evaluate talent based on their performance in a job-relevant business challenge while building a solid, data-rich foundation for the interviews to follow.

The concept was developed in collaboration with the European UNESCO Centre for Problem Based Learning and has developed into a unique recruiting solution for automated and unbiased candidate screening and assessment.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), PeerPilot has all its servers within the EU.

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