March 8, 2016


If you received an invitation to a PeerPilot challenge, you have been invited to an assessment during which you have every opportunity to demonstrate your insights and skills. The evaluation is not based on speed or spending the most time on the platform but on your contributions, your interaction, and the way you apply your knowledge in the process. In a company, every team member has a role to play, so act as you would in the position you applied for. We guarantee that your contribution will be noted.

What to expect

As a candidate in PeerPilot, you will participate in an online case competition in which you will be introduced to a business challenge relevant to your new job. The journey will lead you through a structured process as you, along with your team, solve the challenge that your potential employer has designed for the assessment.

Approach the challenge as you would do in real life. Engage actively in the dialogue; there is no right or wrong, but an overall objective to create the best possible solution to the challenge. Remember, an idea is silver but execution is gold.

Most important of all, have fun.

Your Participation

In your invitation to PeerPilot, you will be informed of the times at which you will able to contribute in the various phases of the process. You are not expected to be logged in or to monitor the process continuously but to log on to the platform when you want to contribute, evaluate contributions, or support your team. It is recommended that you take note of the closing times for the various phases so you will have sufficient time to evaluate any last-minute contributions.

During the process, you will remain anonymous to your team. You will be identified by a fictitious name and a color. This is to ensure that contributions alone will be the foundation for the evaluation, thereby leveling the playing field for all candidates.

PeerPilot will evaluate your participation in a number of areas, where the main areas of focus are:


Impact measures the level of team response on your contributions. Adding valuable contributions to the dialogue will motivate a response from your team which will increase your Impact-score i.e. your level of positive influence on the assignment.


Your motivation is solely determined by you and will decide your engagement-score. Engagement is measured based on your overall activity contributing, supporting, voting and being an active team-member. It is NOT measured on how long time you are logged on the platform or isolated on your number of contribution, especially not if these are being ignored or considered irrelevant by your team.


In a team exercise collaboration is key and your collaboration score determines how well you engage with your team. You will increase your collaboration-score If you show interest in and evaluate your team’s contributions, if you inspire your team, if you contribute to the various ideas and solutions and if you vote on contributions.

It is important to remember that your PeerPilot scores measure your performance and insights in this isolated assignment. But knowing that PeerPilot will be a key element in the assessment process your participation should be approached as such. However, no matter your scores in PeerPilot the hiring company will also evaluate the quality and fit of your inputs – which may not always be aligned with your teams winning solution. Therefore, engage in the assignment to the best of your ability and be true to your ideas.

PeerPilot will treat your data in accordance with local regulations for data protection and best practices for the protection of personal information. See also our Privacy Policy for further information.