March 8, 2016

For Candidates

A PeerPilot challenge is an online workshop, which allows you to collaborate with your team to develop the team’s best answer to the assignment given. This is under the assumption that The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts. On a team, every team member has a role to play.  Your contributions, your interaction, and the way you apply your knowledge in the process is what makes the difference.

What to Expect

You have received an email invitation to PeerPilot, so what can you expect? PeerPilot is an online workshop platform where you, in collaboration with your designated team, will collaborate on solving a challenge of importance to the challenge host. The collaborative journey will lead you through a structured and transparent process, with dedicated time for idea development, shortlisting and in-depth solution development, as illustrated below.

PeerPilot will guide you and your team through the process with built-in tutorials and notifications along the way. Your only focus, is putting your best foot forward and be an active and productive team member.
You are not expected to be logged in or to monitor the process continuously but to log on to the platform when you want to contribute, evaluate contributions, or support your team. It is recommended that you take note of the closing times for the individual phases so you will have sufficient time to contribute or evaluate any last-minute inputs.

Approach the challenge, as you would do in real life, the only difference is that you in PeerPilot will remain anonymous throughout the entire process. Engage actively in the dialogue; there is no right or wrong or defined goal, except for producing the best possible response to the challenge. Also please remember, that, a good idea is silver but good execution is gold. Your idea may not have been selected by your team, but you can be instrumental in building the best operational solution.
Most important of all, learn from your peers and enjoy the ride.

The Review

You will remain anonymous during the workshop and there are no pre-defined answers. This ensures a merit-based and unbiased process, where contributions and engagement will be the foundation for the evaluation. PeerPilot evaluates every candidate in a number of categories, where the main areas of focus are:

Impact measures the level of team response on your contributions. Adding valuable contributions to the dialogue will increase your level of positive influence.
Drive is measured by your overall activity contributing, supporting, voting and being an active team member. Your time on the platform or contributions, considered irrelevant by your team, will not improve the score.
Collaboration determines how you engage with your team. Engaging in your team’s contributions, inspire your team or contribute to the various ideas and solutions and by voting.

Knowing that PeerPilot will be a key element in the assessment process, your participation should be approached as such. In addition, will you also have produced a number of valuable contributions, which may be used to assess your skill set.

PeerPilot will treat your data in accordance with local regulations for data protection and best practices for the protection of personal information. In Europe, PeerPilot will handle data according to GDPR.

The Peerpilot Review


You have received an invitation mail to PeerPilot, what now?
Before an assessment, you’ll receive an invitation mail, which provides you with general information and the timeline for the exercise. There is no preparation, so just log on when the Briefing phase starts, as defined in the invitation mail. However, we recommend that you test your login to avoid any issues on the day of the assessment.

Please check your spam-filter if you have not received an invitation mail. If you still cannot find it please contact


Which platforms are compatible with PeerPilot?
PeerPilot is a browser-based service. You can access the assessment via a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, and the most recent version of all standard browsers, so remember to update your browser. However, a bigger screen will provide you with a better overview.


How to be a successful candidate in PeerPilot?
PeerPilot facilitates a team exercise based on a business challenge. Your success will be determined by how you engage and contribute to the process. It is not necessarily the one coming up with the best ideas but may just as well contribute to the best solution, be a good collaborator or an engaged team member.

There is no guideline for the amount of time a successful candidate spends in PeerPilot since relevant contributions or results are the decisive factors.


Problems logging in?
If you receive a “Login failed” message when trying to log in or forgot your password, please click “Forgot password”, which will reset the password. If you still experience trouble logging in, please contact


How to navigate during the assessment?
The assessment is separated into a number of sequential phases. Each starts with a tutorial explaining the screen, what is expected of you, and how you can contribute. The tutorial can be repeated at any time by clicking on “?” in the upper right corner.

You won't have to be logged on exactly when a new phase starts, nor do you need to be logged on to the system during the entire assessment. Instead, you'll log on when you have something to contribute, read, rate or vote. What you do or don’t do matter. You will also receive notifications from PeerPilot when something crucial happens. However, we recommend that you check-in at the beginning of a phase and definitely at the end of each phase, to ensure that you get to add all of your contributions before the phase closes.

Don’t hold back, you will be completely anonymous during the assessment and the only people with access to your information will be the hiring company. See also our Privacy Policy. All communication in PeerPilot is transparent, so don’t try to communicate directly with another team member.


What happens after the assessment?
When the team’s Conclusion has been revealed will mark the end of the assessment and for PeerPilot's engagement. The assessment data will now be available, and all the information regarding the next steps will be forwarded from the recruiter.


Questions about the job, the hiring process, or inability to attend?
Any questions regarding the job, the overall hiring process, and deadlines should be sent directly to the recruiter.