March 8, 2016

For Recruiters

PeerPilot represents a fundamentally new approach to candidate screening by challenging the traditional recruitment funnel. PeerPilot can screen qualified candidates before resumes are read, in a relevant, efficient and unbiased way. The approach will challenge the candidates with a typical problem scenario for the position and will reveal key metrics on the candidates’ cognitive approach, team dynamics, and organizational fit.

Using a Realistic Setting

Using PeerPilot can be compared to hosting a blind audition where the candidates solve a relevant business case. For this reason, do candidates often see the process as an opportunity to demonstrate their relevnat skill and insights instead of only being evaluated by their grades or by their past. Depending on the business case selected, the candidate ideas and solutions may often prove valuable too.

Business case assessment is sometimes integrated into a recruitment process, but at a much later stage and after rigorous shortlisting. The peers crowd-approach in PeerPilot, allows this process to be included much earlier in the process providing deeper insights into the individual candidate than provided solely by a resume.

Using a realistic setting may also strengthen the early dialogue with the hiring manager, by focussing on candidate skills required, very early in the process thereby aligning expectations between employer and employee.

The adaptable nature of PeerPilot makes it relevant to screening for most professional job functions, and the complexity of the screening can be tailored to the experience level of the candidates assessed.

Automated Execution

It is easy to integrate PeerPilot into a recruitment process and the fully automated and supported process is easy to manage. There are no technical, requirements and data is imported and exchanged via standard data formats. All activities are managed via PeerPilot’s Dashboard and all processes can be monitored in real-time.

The process can be executed in a couple of hours or in a couple of days depending on your requirements and geographical area. Whether there are hundreds or dozens of candidates, the process will provide insights into each candidate’s performance, cognitive abilities and drive allowing users to sort, rank and select candidates with the desired mix of soft and hard skills. Right after the workshop is finalized data reports for the cohort of candidates and for individual candidates can be extracted and data can be imported into an ATS.

How to Get Started

A PeerPilot screening delivers a significant amount of unique candidate data, but the setup process is very simple and is initiated by a simple question, what is a typical problem the new team member is to solve? The response is either selecting one of PeerPilot’s ready to use business cases or customizing your own. Presentations, videos, documents etc. can also be added to the business case. From there you’ll only have to decide on whom to invite and the time frame of the screening. PeerPilot will provide end-to-end live support, from the selection of business case to interpretation of evaluation reports.

Setup requirements:
1. Select or tailor a relevant business case.
2. Select screening timeframe and candidates.
3. Analyze results.

The adaptable nature of PeerPilot means that the possibilities for roles and scenarios for which it can be used are endless and the from complexity the challenge can be tailored to fit the purpose.

Success Stories

Finding future managers for a leading technology company

KMD is a leading supplier of mission-critical software solutions, and IT services to private and public sector clients in the Nordics. As one of the first companies to adopt PeerPilot in the graduate recruiting process, PeerPilot has been an instrumental part of the KMD recruiting process.

Each year, KMD invites candidates to apply for its graduate program, a process which covers various job functions and involves hundreds of graduates candidates from the Nordic region. KMD has created a number of job-specific business cases tailored for each job function and PeerPilot’s automated and autonomous process executes the individual business assessments simultaneously, allowing each candidate to perform, collaborate and be evaluated against his or her peers.

Using PeerPilot has saved the graduate program significant resources in the screening and assessment of applicants and has provided candidates with a level playing field. At the same time, the applied normative evaluation criteria have enabled the creation of a threshold for the key skills required by KMD.

KMD summarizes the experience: “PeerPilot provides a fantastic point of departure in selecting the right candidates in combination with their work history. The platform is innovative and follows the trend of the times in using gamification, which is part of why it has also been popular with the candidates.”

KMD Headquarters

Bringing merit-based and inclusive selection to a global engineering company

Grundfos is a global leader in industrial pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology. Grundfos makes products and solutions that help customers save natural resources and reduce climate impact—a process driven by the passion and potential of its employees.

Grundfos initially began using PeerPilot for internal assessments but has expanded its use to the recruitment of global talent for engineering, sales, and project management roles. Working in Grundfos means working globally, so talent is selected based on qualification—not location. PeerPilot has allowed Grundfos to evaluate applicants on individual performance, on teamworking in cross-national teams and innovative thinking—a skill PeerPilot is specially designed to evaluate.

“PeerPilot has allowed Grundfos to obtain insights beyond a candidate’s resume and evaluate actual candidate behavior and performance. The simulated business environment provides the foundation for the selection of the best candidate fit and for the recruiting of the future managers in Grundfos.”